Stowe House Buckinghamshire

Stowe is a selective independent school in Stowe, Buckinghamshire. It was opened on 11th May 1923. Originally for boys only, the school is now coeducational, with some 550 boys and 220 girls. Along with many of the other buildings on the school’s estate, the main house is now a Grade I listed building.

Project Summary

Stowe House is on the English Heritage list of ‘Buildings at Risk’ and has been named by the World Monuments Fund as one of the 100 most endangered sites of world significance now being maintained by the Stowe House Preservation Trust.

Messenger was awarded the contract for works to the North Hall, East and West Lobbies.

Works to the building included, but were not limited to; featured protection to the existing wall mounted marble sculptures and ornate decorative features and protection to the historic decorative ceiling throughout the works. Further works included the removal, refurbishment and re-fixing of the original ironmongery to the doors, windows and shutters, and fixing of new where required. Using specialist skills, Messenger also carried out conservation cleaning and repairs to the existing Banks’ sculptures.

Passive Fire Protection elements:

  • Fire barriers
  • Fire stopping in voids


Stowe House Preservation Trust (SHPT)




21 weeks


March 2019