Northgate Street Warwick

In September 1694, the houses of Northgate Street were destroyed by the Great Fire of Warwick and rebuilt soon afterwards. A new Act of Parliament was passed: “For the more Regular and Uniform Rebuilding [of] the Houses Demolished by the Fire”, which instructed houses to be two stories high, made from brick or stone and with oak door cases and window frames.

These prescriptive regulations resulted in an elegant street of uniform houses. Since the late seventeenth century, the houses in Northgate Street have largely escaped any external structural alterations, however during the late 19th and early 20th century, the houses on Northgate Street were bought by Warwickshire County Council and the Education department moved in during the 1930s.

Project Summary

A major restoration and creation of eighteen elegant houses in this landmark, quintessentially English location.

Messenger was awarded the contract for the complete conversion, refurbishment, renovation of existing council offices and other office/storage premises into fifteen new dwellings at Northgate Street, Northgate and The Butts, Warwick. Together with the construction of two new build terrace houses at The Butts Warwick as infill development between existing premises. The works include all associated private access roads/parking areas, new storm and foul water sewers, private drainage works and boundary and retaining walls, hard and soft landscaping works.


Ash Mill Developments


PW Architects


72 weeks


May 2017