Belton House Grantham

Belton stable block was built in 1685 and is recognised as being of ‘exceptional significance for its aesthetic and historical value’. It’s one of only 21 Grade I listed stables in England, important for the number of original features still intact.

Project Summary

Messenger recently completed a year-long project to conserve and rejuvenate the 17th-century stables at Belton House. The scheme required opening up several key areas, reordering and the installation of a new café.

Until recently, many of the most significant features of the stables remained untouched and sadly the condition of some of the features and the structure were in desperate decline.

The conservation work required the use of traditional materials and specialist building skills to respect the original construction techniques and interior design. The mechanical and electrical works were complex on this project, as the scheme included a new restaurant, lift, underfloor heating, and new air conditioning system (which required installation through the roof).

Passive Fire Protection elements:

  • Fire doors
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire penetration


National Trust


Rodney Melville and Partners


52 weeks


Summer 2019



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