Wrest Park Archer’s Pavilion

Thomas Archer’s Pavilion at Wrest Park was built between 1709 and 1711. The pavilion’s design is unusual in England with the six projecting bays, three round alternating with three square. Archer’s work is more continental than that of any other English architect of his day.

The large, circular room and domed ceiling are decorated with paintings by Louis Hauduroy, including trompe l’œil columns, niches and statues. The imagery and family portraits are thought to celebrate the elevation of Henry Grey, owner of Wrest Park, to the dukedom in 1710 – the family’s crowning achievement.

Project Summary

Buildings regularly capture the hearts of the entire team, and this was certainly one.

Messenger was awarded the contract to recover the pavilion roofs with new lead, remove internal modern paint, and relay below ground drainage. Further smaller items of works will include the redecoration and re-guilding of metalwork, recasting and recovering of the existing lead roofs, repair and redecoration works including limewashing, the removal and recasting of three large lead finial urns.


English Heritage


Acanthus Clews


29 weeks


April 2017