The Magazine Leicester

Originally the main gate of the Newarke religious quarters, the Magazine was later used as munition storage during the English civil war, acquiring its current title ‘The Magazine’. In 1894, The Drill Hall was added onto the west elevation, and it was used as a military building until the hall was demolished in the 1960s.

Project Summary

The Magazine is constructed from an incredibly unstable sandstone that, coupled with some insensitive cementitious repairs in the past, has resulted in the deterioration of stonework from its elevations.

Messenger was awarded the contract  to stabilise the fabric through repointing joints, inserting tile repairs and replacing some stone sections. The tile repairs were necessary where joints were too large to simply fill with mortar and aim to show the viewer where the stone would have originally come to. This is known as an honest repair.

There were internal structural cracks which were repointed and in some cases pinned with a helibar and thermosetting resin.

The ground floor room within the gatehouse had been plastered in a gypsum based plaster which had suffered efflorescence. Some plaster was removed and replaced with a breathable lime-based plaster.


Leicester City Council


The Morton Partnership


26 weeks


April 2021