Mill Road Cemetery Cambridge

Messenger was tasked with creating a commemoration for the chapel that once stood within the Mill Road cemetery. The former chapel was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and was sadly destroyed in a fire in 1954.

Project Summary

Messenger was awarded the contract to create a memorial to the Mill Road Chapel. This consisted of a stone path that traced the perimeter of where the chapel was formerly sited. The main perimeter was marked in a continuous stone slab, while the apse of the chapel was outlined in roundels.

The stone slabs were engraved with ‘Outline of the chapel that stood on this site 1858-1954’ and ‘Lord thou hast been our refuge’, among other phrases. The roundels are all engraved with significant figures of the church. 

Before works began, Messenger arranged archaeologists to excavate the areas that would be disturbed during the project. Trenches were then dug by conservators for the engraved stones to be placed in.


Cambridge City Council




18 weeks


November 2016