Lincoln Medieval Bishops’ Palace

Lincoln Medieval Bishops’ Palace was built in 1163 to house the Bishop of Lincoln who would be at the head of the largest diocese, making it one of the most important buildings in the country.  The English Civil War was the main cause of the ruin of the palace as it was set on fire and sacked in the 1640s. The chapel range and entrance tower are still standing, built in the 1430s by Bishop Alnwick along with the impressive undercrofted East Hall built in 1230s by Bishop St Hugh that still survives today.

Project Summary

Messenger was awarded the contract to undertake substantial conservation repairs to the Grade I Listed medieval ruins of the Bishops’ Palace. The works included installing new high level safe access systems to improve the on-going maintenance of the property; reviewing and improving the existing drainage system; the design and installation of the new balustrading and gates; the careful removal and conservation repairs to the existing leaded lights to St Hugh’s Chapel, the inclusion of a new CCTV system throughout the site and the substantial removal of the valerian to the stonework and installing new hard and soft cappings to protect the wall heads.


English Heritage


Buttress Architects


104 weeks


May 2023