Cogges Manor Farm, Oxfordshire

The Wheat and Barley barns are a dominant feature of an unspoiled farmyard within the heart of the Cogges Manor site near Witney in Oxfordshire. Dating back to the 18th century, the condition of the roofs had regraded over many years. It became an immediate priority of the Trust to ensure that these magnificent buildings were preserved.

Project Summary

The project works were completed over two phases which included the stripping of the existing Cotswold stone slates, sensitive repairs to the Oak framed roof structure and relaying of the existing slate together with reclaimed material to make up.

The underside of the stone slating was fully torched with a haired lime mix and in addition, there were repairs and minimal repointing to the external masonry walls.

A small area of internal stone flags were re-laid on lime bedding and the shortfall made up with reclaimed Cotswold stone flags.


Cogges Manor Heritage Trust


James Mackintosh Architects


54 weeks


March 2022