Castle Acre Priory Norfolk

Founded by the Warenne family soon after the Norman Conquest, for almost 450 years Castle Acre Priory in Norfolk was the home and workplace of monks and their servants, a refuge for pilgrims, and a stopping point for royalty, clergy and nobility. It was also part of a vast monastic network centred on the great abbey of Cluny in France.

Project Summary

The remains of Castle Acre Priory are considered some of the finest and most impressive surviving monastic remains in Norfolk. Messenger have had the pleasure of working on them for the past 10 years.

The works carried out at Castle Acre in the past have all been aimed at stabilising the remains and preventing any further loss to fabric. The remedial works have mostly comprised of repointing loose flints, building up and supporting unstable areas by piecing in new flints, and rough racking sky facing areas to prevent water ingress.

Messenger always use local sand and lime in the repair works, to retain the authenticity of these remains. It is important that the repairs are visible so that viewers of the site can distinguish between the original fabric and the repairs.


English Heritage


Hutton and Rustron Ltd


16 weeks


March 2020