The Mutts Nutts Rescue

Published: 20th December 2022

Today we had a very special visit from Tilly the Shih Tzu and Ben the Springer, chauffeured by Bec and Jane of The Mutts Nutts Rescue. We were delighted to be able to hand over £460 for them to use in any way to help support their efforts.

We are an office full of dog lovers! Quite often there will be a four-legged friend bumbling around during the working day and so this year we used our Christmas Fundraiser to support something close to home, with pets in mind!

In Stamford there is a small registered charity called The Mutts Nutts Rescue, dedicated to helping the elderly and ill with their pets.

The charity’s primary objective is to respect and preserve the special relationship between owners and their pets. Their core team and volunteers work in partnership with owners to overcome difficulties and provide practical help and support. This could be any aspect of day-to-day pet care, such as dog walking, trips to the vet or groomer, and foster care.

The Mutts Nutts Rescue also provides a fostering service for pets whose owners face a spell in hospital, with volunteers taking pets into their homes and supplying love and care in abundance until the owner and pet can be reunited.

In addition, they offer long-term care for pets whose owners have died or moved to residential accommodation. Stability and love in a pet’s time of loss and uncertainty!

To read more about the fabulous work Bec, Jane and their team of volunteers do, please visit


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