All that Glitters is not Gold

Published: 19th June 2020

Having received such a glowing set of testimonials for an actual glowing project, we couldn’t help but share these along with some stunning pictures of Elvaston Castle Coach House.

During the works
I just wanted to relay to you my thanks for appointing Nick as project manager/main point of contact for me over at Elvaston Castle. He is a pleasure to work with and nothing ever appears to be too much trouble. We’ve had leaks – he’s sorted them, we have bats and bees – he has endless patience, he works around us and us around him…and best of all I am still currently able to work out of my office. Which I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate.

Project Overview

Messenger was awarded the contract for stripping and overhauling the existing Westmoreland slate roofs, including all gutter linings and rainwater goods, and the taking down and rebuilding of the Clock Tower, belfry and refurbishment of the clock mechanism.

The photographs are excellent and really capture the essence of the project and what a remarkable transformation that has been achieved. I have been extremely satisfied with Messenger in the repair and refurbishment of the Coach House and Clock Tower at Elvaston Castle. This was an extremely challenging technical project which was beset with a range of problems that had to be overcome. The jewel in the crown of the project has been the reconstruction of an early 19th century clock tower and the end result has been quite literally stunning. I felt that Messenger provided a very professional and efficient service with a friendly team at the heart of it. I would happily work with them again and I would highly recommend them.

A remarkable transformation, and again a big thank you for a job well done and for battling on through all this adversity, it is really appreciated.

Very impressive photographs – particularly interesting to see all the views of the clock tower from different points with completely different backdrops and the intricate detail of the copper work, clock and bell mechanism.

Charles Heaney, Project Manager

Gallery of Works

And some kind words from the rest of the Elvaston Castle onsite team.

And we could not be prouder of the final comment from Gill Forrester the Assistant Park Manager. Thank you Gill and the team!

On completion – 
You’ve all done us proud. Quality workmanship, quality crew. An absolute pleasure to have you on site – would have you back in a heartbeat. Thanks for becoming part of the team!
Gill Forrester, Assistant Park Manager

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