Conserving the ruins of a Medieval Bishops’ Palace

Published: 4th January 2023

You may have read our previous article on the cutting edge conservation works that are being carried out at what once was one of the most important buildings in the country. The Messenger team are nearing two years’ into the project at Lincoln Medieval Bishops’ Palace and our Site Manager, Paddy Lilley, Contracts Manager, Martin Nee, and Heritage & Conservation Senior Building Surveyor, Fred Markland, recently had the pleasure of taking the Natural Stone Specialists around the site to talk about how we are conserving the ancient stonework. 

Some of the last blocks of Lincoln limestone from the quarry operated by the city’s cathedral are being used to save the ruins of the Medieval Bishops’ Palace adjacent to Lincoln Cathedral. With reserves exhausted, the quarry closed in 2021.

Before it closed the decision had been made to spend £2.5million preserving the ruins of the palace once occupied by the Bishops of Lincoln, and 50m3 of free issue Lincoln Limestone Silver and Red bed blocks were pre-ordered for the project.

You can read the full article written by the Natural Stone Specialist on their website here


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