The Umbrello Suffolk

The Umbrello is a Grade II* listed folly in the centre of a private estate in Suffolk. This beautifully elegant structure is built entirely from Coade stone, a fired material known for its strength and resilience. Coade stone is incredibly valuable and this is possibly the largest known structure of its kind.

Project Summary

The ferrous iron fixings that make up the skeleton of this structure had badly damaged the Coade stone units, making it increasingly at risk of collapse.

Furthermore, the Umbrello was located away from the main house of the private estate and was often subject to fly tipping.

Messenger was awarded the contract for the deconstruction of the Umbrello in preparation for relocation.

Our conservators assigned a reference number to each individual Coade stone item which was written directly onto the stone and catalogued in a series of records. In addition, photographs were taken of each item from all angles to assess its condition prior to packing.

Once the item had been recorded, the item was packed carefully into a crate with foam, cardboard and other protective materials. Inventories were made of each crate for future repair and reassembly.




Peregrine Bryant


16 weeks


August 2020




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