Messenger – one of the largest suppliers and fixers of new Collyweston slates

In 2012 Messenger Construction was approached by English Heritage (Historic England) to carry out trials and further investigation into the production of Collyweston Stone Slates. The aim of the trials was to replicate the natural process of splitting or “cracking” the stone blocks or “log”, which would naturally occur when the log was exposed to frost during the winter months. The trials have proved successful and new Collyweston Stone slates are regularly being produced at our local workshop.

Collyweston Slate

Collyweston stone slate is a traditional roofing material, quarried in the village and surrounding area of Collyweston, Northamptonshire. It is not a true slate but a limestone found in narrow beds. When exposed to the freeze and thaw action of frosting, this fissile limestone splits to form heavy stone “slates”. It is traditionally laid in diminishing courses using lime mortars

Just a quick note to advise you about today’s meeting with the HLF. Both Andrew Purcell and Deborah Milligan were really pleased with the finished project. “Wow that looks good!” from Deborah as she walked down the hill, summed up the reaction!

Katherine Gowing
The Clarkson Alliance

Collyweston Heritage Centre

Plans are currently in hand to build a slate heritage centre where visitors will have free access to the mine and exhibition area, along with practical demonstrations, made available to schools, societies, construction professionals and any other interested parties.