Paint Research

Paint plays a key role in how we interact with our built environment. From miners’ cottages to country houses, park furniture to cinemas and from monuments to machinery, accumulated layers of paint are time capsules with fascinating stories to tell.

We can unlock the colourful story of our architectural heritage and bring it to life. Paint preserves the fabric and history of places we cherish and we can help us to protect that history for future generations.


• Working with clients and professional teams to establish the scope,
aims, objectives and timescales of architectural paint research
• Contribution to conservation management planning
• Advice on conservation/ restoration proposals and materials
• On-site presentation of results to highlight findings in context
• Support throughout the conservation restoration project

Research & Analysis

• Documentary research
• Site survey and paint sampling
• Condition surveys of painted decoration and the building envelope
• Cross section analysis
• Polarised light microscopy
• Interpretation of advanced analysis, including SEM-EDX and GC-MS
• Colour matching
• High-resolution infrared reflectography (Osiris)

Properties that have benefited from Messenger Paint Research team