The Cottage


Charlton village has its origin in the Medieval period, although is within an earlier archaeological landscape with extensive evidence of Roman and Prehistoric settlement . In the 17th to 18th centuries, two cottages were built fronting Main Street, one of which was used as a farmhouse. At the start of the 20th century, the cottages were reconfigured as a hunting-box, including the construction of a new baroque inspired central block by Mr. F.E. Smith K.C (Lord Chancellor 1919-1922). These alterations adapted the rear yards, fields and orchard into a series of garden compartments, brick-built stables and tennis courts.

Brief Description of Works: 

Messenger was awarded the contract to reclaim some of the history of this Grade II listed building by demolishing the relatively modern south extension and carefully reinstating the entrance portico to its original position central to the front elevation and the introduction of completely new electrical and mechanical services.

Contract Details: 

Value: £1.015m
Client: Private
Duration: 52 weeks
Completion: August 2016