Hills Road War Memorial (2)


This striking war memorial, called The Homecoming, is the work of Architect George Hubbard and the Canadian sculptor Dr. Robert Tait Mackenzie. A bronze sculpture depicts a soldier returning home from war, turning to the train station and reflecting on his friends and fellow soldiers who did not return home. The bronze sits upon a carved plinth of Portland stone.

Brief Description of Works: 

Following the production of an earlier report for stone conservation, Messenger was awarded the contract to undertake repairs to this Portland stone. This was carried out by using carefully selected graded sands and stone dust (Portland) and lime putty to match in colour and texture to the original stone. This provided a protective and sacrificial cap to areas of failure. The repairs are reversible and re-treatable, and also have similar thermal and moisture characteristics to the Portland stone. The repairs were not intended to re-create the form of the original detail, rather more to act as a capping and weather prevention. In a few isolated areas however, the stone conservator was required to enhance the detail where text was present.

Contract Details: 

Value: £3k
Client: Cambridge City Council
Duration: 2 weeks
Completion: October 2016