Burghley Walled Garden


Burghley Park was successfully entered into a 10-year Higher Level Stewardship scheme towards the end of 2013, with management and restoration proposals guided by a Parkland Management Plan (Cookson and Tickner, 2013).

One of the main projects identified for part-funding through HLS was the restoration of the Walled Garden, located towards the south of the park. An extensive walled enclosure originating in the 18th century, the Walled Garden was largely derelict apart for some small-scale use for productive horticulture and the residential occupation of the former Head Gardener’s cottage and gardener’s accommodation.

Brief Description of Works: 

Messenger was awarded the contract for repairs to brick and stone walls and buildings, hard and soft landscape works, services, repairs to existing and supply and installation of new greenhouses.

Contract Details: 

Value: £1.4m
Client: Burghley House Preservation Trust
Completion: August 2016