Current Project – Coventry Chapel of Unity


In November 1945 the West Crypt was dedicated to provide a Chapel of Unity, binding the Church of England and the Free Churches together for Christian service in Coventry. And, with the building of the new Cathedral, the opportunity was taken to create a purpose-built chapel. A stone of witness was laid in the entrance on 24th September 1960, and the Chapel of Unity was dedicated on Whit Tuesday, 12th June 1962, a fortnight after the Cathedral itself.

Brief Description of Works: 

Messenger was awarded the contract to remove the existing external slate cladding and associated fixings, repair the concrete structure and re-fix the slates with new stainless steel fixings. The project also provides for works to the copper cappings, repairs to the roof sheeting and gutters, replacement of any damaged glass panels, removal of paint coatings to Dalle de Verre and the resetting of the slates to the plinth. Aside from these works, improvements are being made to the safe access system.

Contract Details: 

Value: £750k
Client: Chapel of Unity, Coventry Cathedral
Duration: 42 weeks
Completion: Anticipated January 2018